Pig hunting on private land allowed under level 3

NZ Pig Hunting Association
Media Statement

24 April 2020

Pig hunting on private land allowed under level 3

The NZ Pig Hunting Association acknowledges the Government’s decision to allow hunting on private land under COVID-19 Alert Level 3.

“While we wanted to see hunting allowed across both public and private land, the rules as outlined by the Government will still allow a good number of pig hunters to once again provide free range food for their families,” says NZPHA Executive Member Geoff Fitzgerald.

“These rules will also be useful to many landowners who badly require pig hunters to come and deal with pigs that are encroaching on crops and pasture.”

The rules the Government have set out for hunting under Level 3 include:

  • Hunting is allowed on private land with the landowner’s permission
  • Hunters need to stay within their region and stick to their bubble
  • Overnight trips are prohibited
  • The use of quad bikes and other motorised vehicles is prohibited

“Whether you agree or disagree with these rules it is important that all hunters adhere to them and be responsible,” says Fitzgerald. “If all goes well, we may get down to Level 2 within another few weeks, which will mean pig hunting can take place on public conservation land also.”

COVID-19 Alert Level 3 does not start until midnight 27 April.

The New Zealand Pig Hunting Association acknowledges the work of the Game Animal Council, NZDA and other organisations that have advocated for hunters throughout the COVID-19 situation.

Geoff Fitzgerald