Hunter Education

The links on this page are provided for the education, safety and wellbeing of hunters and those interested in in both recreational and commercial hunting:

NZ Police News and Updates page

Arms Act 1983

The Act is administered by the NZ Police who issue licences and permits.

Standard Firearms License

Firearms License Application Form

The Arms Code booklet

Visitor's firearms licence and import permits

A visitor’s firearms licence will let you shoot for hunting or competition in New Zealand for up to a year. You will need to show that you are a genuine shooter in your own country.

Online Visitors Application Form

The Arms Code Online

Firearms and Aircraft Guideline

New Zealand Mountain Safety Council (MSC)

The mountain safety council has a number of resources that are useful and help with safety issues.

Outdoor Safety Code video

Firearms Safety Programme

Firearm Selection Brochure

Firearm Safety Brochure


Outdoor Safety Code Pamphlet

NZDA HUNTS (Hunter National Training Scheme)

The New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association (NZDA) promotes hunting as a lifetime outdoor activity through the Hunter National Training Scheme (HUNTS).

NZGAC member Bill O'Leary is the NZDA National Hunts Co-ordinator.

NZDA HUNTS Information brochure

DOC Hunting Basics


Official New Zealand Bowhunter Safety Course

Bowhunting is a challenging sport, requiring a hunter to be more patient, utilise new and different skills, and better learn the anatomy and behavior of game. This Bowunter Safety Course will help you get more out of the sport and improve the safety of bowhunting for everyone.