Game Animal Council appointments announced

31 May 2017   Media Statement

Associate Conservation Minister Hon Peter Dunne today announced new appointments to the Game Animal Council (GAC). The GAC was established in 2013 for the management of game herds (deer, tahr, chamois and pigs) throughout New Zealand.

“I am pleased to announce that I am appointing three new members to the Council, Richard Burdon, Rachael Dean and Stephen Hall, who will join six sitting Councillors,” said Mr Dunne.

The full Council membership is :


The NZPHA was formed to provide co-ordination and a collective voice for All pig hunters and pig hunting clubs in NZ a platform for their views to be represented when dealing with Government departments and beaucracy at national or local level.
With the formation of the NZ Game Animal Council (2013) and the recognition that wild pigs as a valued game animal, the NZPHA is the conduit for pig hunters to have a formal role in their management