DOC to introduce new fines for those who break conservation rules

Fines are being introduced for people who break the laws that protect native species and conservation land.

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File photo. Photo: DOC

The Department of Conservation can issue warning letters and in serious cases prosecute people who flout the rules.

In addition, it now has the option to issue fines with an infringement notice.

Educated Hunter Podcast - NZGAC Don Hammond Interviewed

Don Hammond has been the chairman of the New Zealand Game Animal Council (GAC) for nearly six years. Matt Gibson sat down with Don to learn about what the GAC is, how it works, the challenges it faces, and most importantly why hunters from New Zealand should care deeply about the Game animal council. Past challenges, recent wins, and future plans. If you’re a hunter and you care about NZ hunting, the game animals we have, the public land we hunt on, and the natural environment we hunt in you need to listen to this podcast and share it far and wide.

African Swine Fever Warning

A major outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) is occurring in Europe and Asia. Many wild boar in these countries have become infected and most die.

ASF is highly contagious and infects both domestic and wild pigs. In Europe, the disease is moving back and forth between these populations making eradication difficult.

ASF is not a danger to humans or your dogs but an outbreak would be devastating for the New Zealand economy.

Pigs with ASF are slow-moving, may have diarrhoea, and often you will see blood spots on their organs when you open them up.