How to develop a beneficial relationship between land owners and hunters

The NZPHA has formed a list of guidelines that can be used by Hunters and Land owners in the private sector.
It is designed to reduce conflict and misunderstandings between both parties and when followed should lead to more successful hunting.
Another issue that is current is Quad bike safety.
The following guidelines are being promoted for safe practice
  • The right bike for you. It's risky for kids under 16 years old to ride an adult sized farm quad bike, so make sure you ride a quad bike designed especially for you.
  • When you're riding a quad bike, remember to look where you're going - just like you would on your own bike at home.
  • Wear a helmet and boots. This is really important to keep you safe. You can also wear other gear like goggles and gloves, but a helmet and boots are a must.
  • Learn to ride a quad bike properly. Ask an experienced person to show you how to ride a quad bike - it might look easy but there's a lot to think about!
  • Think about where you're going. Make sure you think about where you're heading and where you're allowed to go, and keep to the speed limit.
  • Don't carry passengers or loads. This might affect the way the bike handles - if you need help ask an adult.
  • Let people know where you're going and when you think you'll be back. Always tell someone where you're going in case you get lost or injured.